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The Absorber company provides a wide range of climbing services throughout the country. Services are performed by experienced and qualified mountaineers. By using our solutions we guarantee the Alpinista24 service, thanks to which you get instant access to the Alpinist.

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Construction works

Facade cleaning and washing

Threat removal

Unusual services

We work wherever access becomes otherwise impossible.

General construction works are works related to:

  • demolition works
  • washing silos
  • sealing expansion joints
  • painting the facade

In company buildings, residential buildings and hotels there is difficult access to cleaning windows from the outside. 

Performing the washing service we deal with:

  • cleaning windows from the outside
  • cleaning door and window sills
  • facade cleaning

The fall of elements from height becomes a big problem, especially where it threatens the life and health of employees. 

We provide services:

  • removal and renovation of facade plasters
  • removing snow and icicles
  • work in wells

Each problem presented is a possibility for us to solve it thanks to knowledge and an open mind.

Industrial mountaineering and mountaineering services

We use these terms to describe all work performed using rope access, both services at height and others where rope is required, e.g. silos, channels and the like. The work is carried out by attaching the rope to a climbing point or also called an anchor point in a suspended position or in a support. Its origin Industrial mountaineering is due to mountaineering or mountain climbing, where rope techniques were used when climbing or in narrow caves.


The most popular techniques in the world are collected by the IRATA association, i.e. the Industrail Rope Access Trade Association, translated by the Industrial Mountaineering Association. The IRATA certificate is a recognized and known throughout the world system for assessing mountaineering competences and skills as well as work at height. It can be said that every mountain climber should have such experience. Both in Europe and in Poland, high-altitude workers are constantly developing their specializations and range of work skills at height, and the IRATA course is invariably popular and popular. Currently, IRATA is experience gathered for over 30 years, analyzes and case studies that have created a universal set of procedures and good work practices for mountaineers and employees performing mountaineering services. Caring for the well-being of the employee, every employer should allow their employees permanent training, especially in works threatened with life or the possibility of falling from a height.

The creation of the entire system was caused by the desire to standardize working rules at height and aimed at:

  • increase in the level of security of employees and persons performing work using the rope access technique
  • collecting and unifying the principles of health and safety at work regulations for mountaineering services
  • creating a database where experience and events in which high-altitude employees participate will be collected.

 10 guidelines for safe work in rope access


1. When working at height, the work should be carried out using a work rope and a lifeline, i.e. both ropes should be connected to a lifeline and a climber or a high altitude worker.

2. Installation of a self-braking, self-locking or belay device at the highest point possible so as to compensate for the maximum distance from which the injured person will travel in the event of a fall.

3. Monitoring and registration of work at height taking place at a given time and place.

4. Control of authorizations and skills, before the parent units at the start of work at height.

5. Prepared rescue procedures and OHS regulations, adapted to the place where work is performed using rope access techniques.

6. Risk analysis and systematic control of the workplace during the performance of climbing services.

7. Process approach to performed high-altitude works as well as skilful planning and risk optimization.

8. Easy access to life-saving equipment both at the scene of the incident and easier access to the escape route.

9. Knowledge in the field of first aid 

10. The use and continuous improvement in the use of PPE for personal protective equipment.






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