Specialized constructions

Unusual situations require a specialized solution. To meet the expectations of customers who are struggling with the problem of securing work at height in non-standard conditions, we have prepared individual construction solutions. We design constructions from scratch, manufacture and deliver them to our clients. Our team has conducted many innovative projects in which we provided fall protection systems for places such as tanker loading, woodworking plants, engine depots and steel mills.

We provided such complex solutions as an individual structure for working on wagons or specialized hooking points for transformer station transport. Thanks to our experience and commitment, we believe that there is no situation in which people working on the ground could not be protected.

Tests in the laboratory

We have an internal laboratory that allows us to test almost every type of fall protection system. Our engineers and designers approach each project individually, planning an effective and possible inexpensive support system. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our solution will meet your expectations and allow you and your employees to return home safely.

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