Health and safety audit and risk assessment are the basic and initial tool for analyzing the level of security in an enterprise. It seems to be a necessity for investors who want to improve quality and efficiency in the workplace. The purpose of the audit is to analyze compliance with legal requirements and health and safety regulations in the field of work at height. However, the scope goes far beyond only work at height, and also applies to work carried out on roofs, the working area and machinery, and even in hard-to-reach spaces.

For the assessment and verification of hazards, legal provisions and European standards are used, which are a guide to good practice when working at height.
The inspection takes place in the area of ??permanent protection systems, personal protective equipment as well as zones at risk of falling or hazardous areas. We assess the risk of work performed and verify available solutions.

The effect of the OHS audit is the final report, which indicates the main areas where it is required to improve work safety with emphasis and suggestions on which solutions will work optimally in a given situation. More information on occupational health and safety regulations based on the Minister’s regulation on social policy is available at this link.

Health and safety audit – scope

  • Verification of technical requirements of building infrastructure
  • Observation and analysis of processes carried out in hazardous areas
  • Analysis of work areas and determination of the level of threat present
  • Definition of particularly dangerous works carried out at heights and in confined spaces
  • Review of collective protection systems and permanent protection systems
  • Overview of ladders and vertical belay systems
  • Review of personal protective equipment
  • In-house transport

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