Protection of works at heights over the work area is increasingly common issues that companies, investors, warehouses and even airports must face. The biggest problem of securing work at height are the restrictions on the structure of the building, the lack of the possibility of fixing anchorages or financial. The above aspects cause that suspended systems are ideally suited to areas with limited accessibility, work on machines or work, e.g. tankers or loading trailers. Thanks to such a system, we can secure an employee while working at height optimizing investment costs, Users of the system can move safely along the edges, narrow spaces focusing on effective performance of their tasks. We design our comprehensive suspended rope protection systems in such a way that they make it as easy as possible for customers, service technicians and suppliers to navigate them.

The absorber provides a full range of solutions for demanding customers who secure work at height using a safety rope. Life ropes or rails. The systems require anchoring to the structure, whose load capacity complies with the standard, such as steel structure, reinforced concrete structure or even plywood surfaces.

Our solutions are based on the vision of adapting to the investor’s needs, because each case is different and requires a detailed solution which products can best suit a given situation. Our products are characterized by modularity so that different components can be combined with each other and create the perfect solution based on specific requirements. When planning such a system, consideration should be given to such issues as the height at which work is performed, the surface to which the system is mounted, as well as the possibility of spacing through points and anchorages. In addition to the lifeline or lifeline, such a system also includes self-locking devices and bogies attached directly to the system. To prevent damage to the supporting structure and reduce the forces acting on the system at anchorages, we use the Absorber Xpro device that we design, which reduces and absorbs the force acting when falling from a height. We can supplement our rope suspension system solutions with additional components depending on the requirements of the situation in which we protect life and personal protective equipment, which is an essential element to use the rope system.

There are two types of horizontal belay systems: these are the AS-UPRO suspended rope system and the AS-RailPro belay system. We manufacture and install these systems in accordance with the EN795 standard.

AS-UPRO rope systems are the perfect solution for an investor who has no budget for a more expensive solution.
The RailPro system is a horizontal or vertical safety system that consists of a rigid rail connected to a steel guide that allows users to move safely and work at height. The functionality of the Absorber AS-RailPro system can be compared with a horizontal lifeline. Both systems have similar features and benefits.
The rail system is characterized by a smaller deflection that arises during a fall compared to the so-called rope system. The life line. As a result, the fall distance is shorter and can be used for work areas at a lower height. In cases where the distance from the ground is limited, the best solution will be a belay rail system, since the rope tension in the rope system may be up to 3 m.

AS-RailPro and AS-UPRO systems allow you to easily integrate with the building structure by mounting to the ceiling or steel structure. The systems can be used by up to 5 users in accordance with EN 795.

We use these systems to work in an industrial or maritime environment. They are suitable for mounting on roofs, ceilings and even walls or for I-sections. The modularity of our solutions means that we can adjust the range of possibilities to different types of investor requirements.

We believe that the systems we manufacture and install facilitate and secure work at height, so that it is as effective as on earth.

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