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Collective protection system

Collective protection system
Safety barriers or balustrades are collective protection systems against falling from a height. The railing system is the simplest and safest solution for protecting work at height. They not only protect against falling from the edge of the roof, but also protect the skylights. They do not require personal protective equipment and, in addition, protect the entire roof as a safe zone. Fall protection systems are required when the designed attic is lower than required by the safety standard. It is an alternative to rope lifeline systems that does not require the knowledge of the user and protects every person on the roof. Unfortunately, this is a costly solution, which is why investors often give it up for the rope system.

Our A-Barpro safety barrier systems due to their modular design are very easy to transport and install. Thanks to this, the investor saves on assembly time and can adjust the range of barriers to his needs regardless of the roof body or surface he wants to protect against falling.

There are two types of barrier systems called balustrades. These are free-standing barriers and permanently attached to the ceiling of the building or attic. The freestanding ones can be used both as permanent protection against falling from height and for formwork and construction works during the erection of the structure. Modular systems contain ballast up to 25 kg and their installation does not interfere with the roof or pavement structure. In addition, they can be moved or deleted at any time.

Safety barrier systems are the basic and also the most important protection used when working at height. Choose them if:
  • you are looking for an economical but reliable security system that is easy to mount on a flat roof,
  • you want to quickly turn the entire roof into a safe work zone,
  • you need solid and universal security.
The absorber specializes in collective protection systems used when working at heights. Creating ready-made system solutions, we do not recognize quality compromises. Are we reaching for proven technologies and preparing individual designs of railing systems? tailored to the requirements of each client.

Safety barriers that we offer:

  • meet European security standards at E795 and Polish health and safety requirements,
  • are adapted for mounting on any flat roof,
  • allow to limit or eliminate the use of personal protective equipment? effectively protect against accidental falling from heights,
  • can be attached to the roof or placed as free-standing,
  • they turn the entire roof into a safe zone? allow employees to calmly perform even demanding tasks, without the risk of a serious accident,
  • are adapted to individual customer needs? Our designers, based on your technical requirements, will prepare a project that will maximally reduce the risk of an accident and ensure effective work.
See also the other collective protection systems used for works at heights that we offer. Contact our consultant for details.

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