Partner Program

Work at height is our passion.

Absorber is an innovative company that focuses only on the highest quality solutions, we strive uncompromisingly to improve ourselves and our products. Thanks to this, we have prepared for you a proven business model in which you can expand your business.

We operate throughout the country, supplying products to our customers and partners, protecting employees against falling from heights. We provide extensive sales and technical support as part of our partner program.

Why work with us:

  • Innovative products that ensure the safety of your customers
  • Full support from implementation to implementation of the investment
  • Ready investments for service and assembly. That’s how we generate customers for you.
  • A tool necessary to conduct effective talks with investors
  • Marketing support
  • A proven business model
  • Transparent and clear terms of cooperation

Partner Portal

The partner support program means the partners’ mutual commitment to cooperate towards long-term goals. There is no other manufacturer in the industry offering the same level of support.

To access standard marketing and support materials or a knowledge base, our partners can simply log in to the partner portal. Here our partners can always find all our brochures, instructions, technical sheets, photos, videos, images, certificates and specification texts.

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