Construction site security

Temporary insurance systems

Security at the construction site during the formwork or construction works is a great challenge for the investor and contractor. This is due to the difficulty of choosing and planning the right solution.

We have prepared a number of solutions thanks to which you will be able to guarantee work safety at heights such as safety nets, attachment points or temporary rope systems.


It is a system intended for securing works at height, in particular reinforced concrete works and formwork works.
Anchor devices have been designed to guarantee the safety of every user. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to raise the rope system above the working area and thus increase the safety of the user in the event of a fall.


These systems can also be used, or primarily as a single anchor point, to which the employee can attach during the work. Thanks to this, we have security on the construction site in accordance with the standard. The system also consists of independent individual posts up to about 2 m high, which are anchored in concrete about 15 cm. It is possible to mount a tape to the posts, which ensures safe movement over the working area. The posts have a steel handle allowing for attaching even 4 tapes on each side of the post. It is also possible to mount the posts to a steel cassette.


The attachment points are anchoring devices in accordance with the European standard PN EN 795: 2012. Hitching points are intended for securing works at height in concrete constructions where there is a risk of falling in such places as: terraces, place of receiving materials at the construction site, holes for elevators, edges of the building, balconies, etc.

It is a unique solution that allows you to easily create an anchor point for connecting personal protection equipment against falling from a height. The attachment points are intended to secure only one user at a time. On the other hand, when used together with a safety cable, o can be secured up to 4 people at a time.


A-TempZ fall protection netting system.

This solution allows you to protect the roof edges and works during the construction of the structure. We attach steel system brackets with safety nets to the steel structure beam or girders.

A-TempZ has a wide range of anchoring elements tailored to the needs and type of structure. They form a kind of? Cage? which prevents workers from falling. It is a kind of railing with nets, which we attach to both pillars and to a beam (even wooden) in a non-invasive way. The method of anchoring depends on the work schedule (so that it does not interrupt during work) and the place of anchoring. If we get some technical drawing and tips on where we can attach balustrades, we can choose anchorages and prepare an offer.

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